What Modern College Life is Teaching

Watching the news can be a very hostile time in a person’s life.

I am still amazed at how much information is stated in any one news story, without really saying much about the story, but more about one person or group did, and what they blurted out about afterwards.

It’s not really news anymore, rather it’s coverage of singular events in immense detail, with no real background.  It’s funny to think that the media was so effective at stating truth at one point, but in that pursuit have allowed themselves to be held hostage by the apparent “news makers.”

One of the latest targets of such media bombardments is US college campuses, where any and all grievances students have are being taken more seriously than the civil rights movement.

Students who have a problem being labeled male or female.  Students who have a problem being pigeon-holed to a standardized grading system.  Students who don’t like that organizations on campus provided support to everyone’s interests, not just their own, seem to be not holding the media hostage, but also their school administrations.

We’ve seen a number of these scenarios play out, only ever for the worst, and in the end it’s found that the schools have handling situations right all along, but in an effort to appease these juvenile-like extortioners, members of the administration resign.

I think that smells foul.  When those in charge are exonerated, resignations are not only unnecessary, but they set a precedent.  They tell college students that even when someone is vindicated, there are penalties to pay for being vindicated.

The US is a land of civility and law.  I should say, that’s what we’ve always been.  It seems that these student groups are either missing the most important of civics lessons in their studies, or they are purposefully trying to ruin the stability of civility and laws afforded man and woman in the US.

I can appreciate that certain things seem unfair in the US.  Even some things are unfair on college campuses.  Those things that are unfair deserve a hearing, deserve reasonable debate, and deserve real strategies to deal with them.

Violent riots, and exclusion of people doesn’t help.  It alienates any cause.  And more to the point, it divides groups of people in a way that create disillusionment with our country.  We work better together because this country was founded, together.

Was it always just?  No.  Was exploitation once accepted?  Yes.  That doesn’t mean to give up.  That doesn’t mean that people are not being actively considered now.

When I hear the complaints being lodged, even if substantiated, are mostly minor situations, where confusion over words in policy seem to be the issue at hand.  I have my own view on policy, and how abused it is.  Perhaps I’ll write about that one day.

I do have hope that this ‘campus storm’ will end one day, but I’m certain it won’t end until something very bad happens.  Because that’s what it takes when something so egregious comes about.  Especially, when we don’t want it.

Here’s to hoping that this ends soon, and cooler heads prevail.

Published by Matthew Ballantyne

I'm Matthew, and I write. I've worked hard in my career, and it's granted me a lot of access to the true character in people, which I now use to create stories for you.

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