At a Glance

Walk with Warriors, the short story series that Matthew has contributed to is available for purchase right now Walk with Warriors: Journey of Heroes on Amazon.

Use the Contact Page to purchase copies signed by Matthew.

Projects heading to publication:

A Very Interesting Year – Set in Seattle,  a story that unfolds, documenting the most vulnerable people in Seattle, being taken advantage of by so many, while so few ever address the transgressions.

Sands of Time – Taking place along California’s Interstate 10, one person’s escape snares them into an even worse trap.  But the unorthodox country develops a most unorthodox way to find safety.

Projects currently in development:

King of English – A man who has it all takes on a new challenge in life, which leads to the demise of his character, psyche, and finances.  His only path to redemption pits him in terrible circumstances.  He must fight to get back what he had, no matter the cost.

Tides of the Sun – A man is poisoned at a dinner function.  He has precious time left to right wrongs, fix his affairs, find out who poisoned him and why.  Will he prevail?

The Limit – A man copes with the inevitable death of his wife, and tries to hold his family together, while still working a demanding job.  As he tries to address his grief, his teen children begin losing their grip.  Fighting to remain mentally fit is a daily struggle in a household, filled with loss to the brim.

Last Vacation – A family goes on a road trip with their new fifth-wheel trailer through campgrounds in the upper Midwest, but there’s a serial killer on the loose, who’s popping up everywhere they stop.  Who is the killer, and what’s the connection?

Bounty Killer – In the Old West Era, a former soldier turned farmer loses everything and becomes a bounty killer to survive. He is assigned to capture a group of former soldiers who he served with, and must decide which moral path to take.

The Gambler – A barge Captain along the Mississippi River gets involved in smuggling to land much needed cash. How far his misadventures take him may also spell out his life.

Keep up with Matthew’s blog, as he shares short stories, thoughts on baseball, modern society, history, and the American spirit.

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