Review: Our Divided City – PBS Kansas City

If it’s difficult for the city to clean up these properties, why are they not attempting to contract out the work?  Or better yet, offer money to the community associations for the work?

Friday Night Opinion: Minneapolis Mayoral Candidate Doesn’t Want Armed Police

Raymond Dehn is a liberal mayoral candidate for the City of Minneapolis.  Honestly, I could stop writing at this point, and the title and this sentence would explain itself. But I will continue, because it’s really worth discussing, not to mention the response from the current mayor, and everyone’s favorite white woman to hate thisContinue reading “Friday Night Opinion: Minneapolis Mayoral Candidate Doesn’t Want Armed Police”

What Global Aid is Really Telling the US

I’ve been thinking a lot about global aid efforts we in the US put on, both through out taxes, and through our own checkbooks. In the course of reading about the issue, I also watched the documentary, Poverty, Inc. which was released in 2015. The recent data, results, and of course responses by people inContinue reading “What Global Aid is Really Telling the US”

Everything is Stupid: Marijuana enters the Prenatal Care Industry

A friend of mine recently conveyed to me that during a prenatal visit to his wife’s OB/GYN, she described how she was concerned with the quality of birth, as she read studies about births that turned into emergency C-sections. The doctor’s response?  A prescription of medical marijuana.  Yes, you read that correctly, marijuana, as inContinue reading “Everything is Stupid: Marijuana enters the Prenatal Care Industry”

Friday Night Opinion: Chattanooga Councilwoman Entitled on Traffic Stop

Last week we had Varnell, Georgia, and earlier this week, FNO examines the actions of a councilwoman in Chattanooga, a mere 28 miles northwest of Varnell. Her name is Demetrus Coonrod, and this isn’t her first time gaining negative attention she claims to be racist, and has been arrested for among other things, child abuse. Recently, theContinue reading “Friday Night Opinion: Chattanooga Councilwoman Entitled on Traffic Stop”

Walk with Warriors – Advance Orders

I’ve mentioned briefly, in several places on the internet that Walk with Warriors is coming out soon, and that I’m taking advance orders. For those that don’t know, advance orders are those that come directly to me, I then personally sign a copy (or copies) to you, and ship them to you. The book contains oneContinue reading “Walk with Warriors – Advance Orders”

Review: Frontline’s ‘Chasing Heroin’

Last February, Frontline put out an investigative journalism film called ‘Chasing Heroin’ and the story focuses on Seattle, Washington and the various government agencies involved in trying to mitigate heroin use through the use of a drug court, and alternative sentencing. They also try to bring some sense to how the US opioid epidemic came about.  Mostly,Continue reading “Review: Frontline’s ‘Chasing Heroin’”

Review: Under The Sun

Under The Sun released last year, and in terms of documentaries, is as unlikely of a film as you can get. The director, Vitaly Mansky, agreed to produce a film through the North Korean government’s delegation that handles media.  They met at a film festival in Russia the year before, and then in 2013, filmingContinue reading “Review: Under The Sun”