Review: Chasing Heroin – Revisited

That fact makes clear that there was timing involved in this project, and that Frontline plays a direct role. There was nothing objective about Chasing Heroin whatsoever.

What I’m Thinking About: All This Turmoil

Writers develop a unique understanding of words, emotions, and ideas.  Everyone learns a wide spattering of words and their meanings.  But writers usually find themselves when they go beyond those meanings, and find the meaningful connections between words. Some words form greater connections with others.  Some words have limited connections they can make.  But usuallyContinue reading “What I’m Thinking About: All This Turmoil”

Men’s Reading List, Part Two

As a man, this is an invaluable skill that you need to succeed in both your professional and personal life.

Men’s Reading List, Part One

Distraction does play a role in a man’s ability to get somewhere he wasn’t before.  The key is to find those distractions that are worthy investment of that precious resource.

Short Story: Beauty is a Fading Flower

As we get older, we still think we’re in control.  If we get too angry one day, we can file for divorce and break them mentally, emotionally, and financially.  We can flaunt other men in their face, while we fight over the house, we can continue to emasculate them like we have always done, to fit our comfort.  Because we can never be comfortable with the confident man that found us staying that way.  We need to defeat him so we can continue to avoid what’s truly ailing us.