What I’m Thinking About: All This Turmoil

Writers develop a unique understanding of words, emotions, and ideas.  Everyone learns a wide spattering of words and their meanings.  But writers usually find themselves when they go beyond those meanings, and find the meaningful connections between words. Some words form greater connections with others.  Some words have limited connections they can make.  But usuallyContinue reading “What I’m Thinking About: All This Turmoil”

How ‘Real’ is Story: What Treme Taught Writers

Writers are the greatest of story tellers, if only for the fact that the tools they have at their disposal give them the ability to tell the greatest version of any story. Especially when writing for a book, writers get use interplay between plot and story, the two main elements that advance a novel, andContinue reading “How ‘Real’ is Story: What Treme Taught Writers”

Mass Transit in Seattle: The Greatest Example in Modern Times of Government Corruption

Many transit systems in the US are born out of the same weird “conglomerate” government approach. Without getting into the same legal drivel they would like to hide behind, the basic idea is as follows:  municipal governments in a concentrated area reach a conclusion that mass transit is something they need to pursue together.  InContinue reading “Mass Transit in Seattle: The Greatest Example in Modern Times of Government Corruption”

Friday Night Opinion: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Must Resign

I know most people are living in or near Seattle.  Mathematics and statistical distribution says it’s not possible. But I must comment on one of the worst scandal-not scandal’s I’ve seen in some time. Ed Murray is the embattled Mayor of Seattle.  The reason he is embattled is because it has come to light thatContinue reading “Friday Night Opinion: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Must Resign”