Why Does Small Town America Matter?

…right now, in 2019, small towns do have the ability to add some balance to the value they provide compared to their bigger, devouring brothers.

Opinion: Men Should Dress Themselves!

I am not sure when this became a trend, but I have noticed that men, or at least those that appear to be men, are allowing women to dress them. It is as if men, in general mind you, no longer know how to do anything, most of all prepare thyself for the day laidContinue reading “Opinion: Men Should Dress Themselves!”

How ‘Real’ is Story: What Treme Taught Writers

Writers are the greatest of story tellers, if only for the fact that the tools they have at their disposal give them the ability to tell the greatest version of any story. Especially when writing for a book, writers get use interplay between plot and story, the two main elements that advance a novel, andContinue reading “How ‘Real’ is Story: What Treme Taught Writers”

MLB’s (Ice Cold) Hot Stove 2018: Why It’s Happening, and How To Fix It

This year’s off-season of free agency has been stalled to a block of ice in MLB.  And there is a number of working theories concerning what is happening. However, a few weeks back several MLB execs took some time to explain what was occurring, very publicly, without their names being attached. Their insight was likelyContinue reading “MLB’s (Ice Cold) Hot Stove 2018: Why It’s Happening, and How To Fix It”

Update: Hope in Varnell, Georgia

In a very strong showing,  in the small town of Northern Georgia we discussed a few weeks ago, Varnell, citizens showed they were done fooling around with the city council nonsense, and told their sitting council that it’s time for them to resign. To recap, Varnell Police responded back in June to an incident at SheldonContinue reading “Update: Hope in Varnell, Georgia”

What Modern College Life is Teaching

Watching the news can be a very hostile time in a person’s life. I am still amazed at how much information is stated in any one news story, without really saying much about the story, but more about one person or group did, and what they blurted out about afterwards. It’s not really news anymore,Continue reading “What Modern College Life is Teaching”