How We Got Here

Matthew has been writing since his elementary school days.  His initial inspiration to pursue writing was due to his mother, and a fifth grade teacher who made his students read one book each month, and write a book report. The minimum ten pages had to be turned in at the end of each month.

Matthew found the experience to be punishing at first, but then saw his writing skills improve ten-fold.  It became easy to describe people, emotions, events, and places, with either an economic approach, or with extensive flourish.

From this foundation, Matthew found inspiration in daily life, in the characters that all people are, and the things that they always want to pursue, but sometimes get lost trying to reach.

Matthew tends to write from bold, and sometimes extreme premise, using subtle characters who reveal themselves in layers.  Over the course, their journey begins to have light shined into every corner until their story is exposed to the reader, typically arriving at something unexpected.

Matthew is also sought after for professional technical writing services, offering opinion, expert analysis, advice, and best practices in areas of law enforcement, leadership, and criminal case law.

Matthew has worked in corrections, border law enforcement, federal law enforcement, and police departments in several jurisdictions, and is an expert in crimes involving financial fraud, specifically those targeting the elderly.

When Matthew is not working, writing, or providing expertise, he stays busy with Brazilian jiu-jitsu, running, woodworking, golfing, and his dog, Tucker.

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