Cubs Sunday: Week in Review

Well, I don’t normally like to give myself credit, but I think my letter to Harry, (A Letter to Harry Caray), may have lit a fire with my favorite friends on the Northside.

It’s turned into a big weekend for the guys, along with big news.

It may be that they’re facing the Orioles pitching staff, but out of nowhere our guys have turned into the bomb squad.  They are launching balls farther and more often than the pros at your area driving range, and it’s becoming viral across the lineup and the bench.

Bryant, Rizzo, Russell, Baez, even Heyward is putting the ball deep into the field, everywhere, and anywhere.  Baltimore fans must be embarassed, because even though they are six under, their team hasn’t played this weak to power all season.

Later today, Jose Quintana makes his pitching debut with the Cubs.  You may recall he was previously a 3rd, and then 2nd arm on the White Sox rotation, but he’s been having a tough season because the organization has hit the reset button with move of Chris Sale this off-season.  With little run support, Quintana has managed a 4-8 record.

He’s going to sit behind Arrieta, Lester, and Lackey, on an already impressive rotation.  And if he gets hot, like the lineup has become, the NL and AL is going to have a miserable summer ahead.

Rizzo, who’s been batting in the .240’s and worse all summer, has brought himself back up to .258.  That may not seem big, but as you work the numbers, that means his hitting successfully one to two more times a week, on average.  This is how you build momentum when hitting.  If he can keep that up, he’s going to wind up back in .290’s, and judging from the recent drives, he’ll surpass 30 by September call-up week.

I’ve told people previously that in order to be a Cubs fan, you must have faith.  It has to be strong.  You can’t be the kind of person that loses all hope.  Baltimore is getting a taste.

Things are looking up!

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