Walk with Warriors – Advance Orders

I’ve mentioned briefly, in several places on the internet that Walk with Warriors is coming out soon, and that I’m taking advance orders.

For those that don’t know, advance orders are those that come directly to me, I then personally sign a copy (or copies) to you, and ship them to you.

The book contains one short story from me, about an experience I had while serving in the Army, that defined me.  And, the book features stories from 21 other veterans, just like me, talking about a piece of their experience.

Buying a copy from me directly now means that I will receive it prior to the publishing date, and I personalize and sign the book, to whatever your request may be.

The cost is $13.99, and I ship directly to you, so you won’t have to worry about monitoring your mail, I ship and contact you as soon as yours goes out.

If you’re interested, please use the contact form on this site.

The book will be available on Amazon in September (2017), I don’t have the exact launch date at this time, that part is out of my hands.

I thank all that supported this project that I’m part of, and am forever grateful for those that have stepped up and been better to me than I probably deserve.


Published by Matthew Ballantyne

I'm Matthew, and I write. I've worked hard in my career, and it's granted me a lot of access to the true character in people, which I now use to create stories for you.

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