First Draft Submitted!

Matthew’s first draft for the Walk with Warriors – Journey of Heroes has been submitted today, and now the publication process begins!

Matthew does expect editing to produce a second draft, but believes that editing on the chapter will be limited to that.

“I think the story is what will matter most.  Much of the working parts are there.  It is a single chapter, so no one is anticipating a major overhaul.  But I’m sure I need to have some sentences sliced.  Anytime you take on a project such as this, it involves a lot of raw emotion, that may be settled, but hasn’t been fully processed, and the writing brings those less than smooth corners out.”  Matthew responded, when asked about his expectations.

Each chapter of the title, Walk with Warriors, are written by a different veteran to convey the experience of serving in the military, and what the experience may bring.

“My story is about war back home, in a sense.  At least, one of the many wars we are constantly up against, not just as military members, but also civilians.  And I think that with this particular story, the truths revealed in it are something that people who have not served can identify with immediately, and shows that life in the military is not at all an escape from the reality we live in outside of the military culture.”  Matthew said.

The title is set to be completed for publication sometime in early 2017, and will be available in e-book formats immediately.

“The great thing for me with this project is getting to see first hand how the e-book publication method works.  I’ve heard lots of stories about it, now I get to see what it’s really like, from a business and a writing perspective.  The fact is, it is becoming the traditional format.”  Matthew said when asked about the non-traditional formatting.

More details are to follow concerning Walk with Warriors, be sure to stay in touch!

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I'm Matthew, and I write. I've worked hard in my career, and it's granted me a lot of access to the true character in people, which I now use to create stories for you.

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