Go Cubs Go! NLDS Game 5

There’s really nothing else to say about it, critiques from the first four games still apply.

Cubs Win!: NLDS Game 3

This was another nail biter.  And it’s great to see that the Cubs are still perennial winners in the categories of small ball tactics and tie games.  But the offensive effort needs to improve drastically, especially if there’s any hope of advancing, and winning in the NLCS. Both Quintana and Scherzer pitched strong games, strikingContinue reading “Cubs Win!: NLDS Game 3”

Cubs Implode: NLDS Game 2

The game was clinched by the 8th.  There was no reason to worry. Except that Lester’s performance was lackluster, the hitting that did come was just enough to be better than the Nats, and up to this point the bullpen was having it’s way with the Nats. And then Carl Edwards Jr unraveled.  Edwards isContinue reading “Cubs Implode: NLDS Game 2”